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WUN- SPIN 2012 Sydney, Australia

Professor Simon Ringer and Dr Rongkun Zheng of the University of Sydney warmly invite you to Sydney, Australia in July 2012 to the 4th International Conference on Spintronics
The Australia Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis is proud to host this prestigious conference on behalf of Professor Yongbing Xu (York University) and the WUN Spintronics Consortium. The Conference will take place at the University of Sydney from 23-25July 2012. WUN-SPIN 2012 will feature an innovative program designed for the multi-disciplinary nature of spintronics; attractive to material scientists, physicists, engineers and students alike.
More information about the conference can be found:
Tel: +612 9351 2351
Email: acmm.info@sydney.edu.au
Website: sydney.edu.au/acmm

3rd International Conference on Spintronics Materials and Technology  (WUN- SPIN 2010, USA)
21-23 June at Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois,
WUN-SPIN 2010 was a follow-up of the 1st (WUN-SPIN07, York, UK 2007) and the 2nd (WUN-SPIN08, Nanjing & Hangzhou 2008) conferences. This conference was intended to be a forum for a number of experts from academic and industry to discuss the new scientific and technological developments in the field of spintronics material and technologies. There were several popular topics including:
* Diluted magnetic semiconductors 
* Novel magnetic and spintronic materials 
* Organic Spintronics 
* Spin injection and detection 
* Spin generation and coherence 
* Spin torque 
* Spin dynamics and magnetic reversal 
* Spintronic devices and TMR 
* Nanomagnetic material characterization 
* Single spin devices 
* Spintronic device simulation
The conference was also followed by a Summer School on "Green's Function and Other Electronic-Structure Methods for Materials Property and Device Prediction" organized by the NSF-funded Materials Computation Centre (MCC). 
2nd International Conference on Spintronic Materials and Technology   (WUN-SPIN 2008, China)
14-18 July in Nanjing and Hangzhou, China,
WUN-SPIN 2008 is follow-up of the 1st International Conference on Spintronic Materials and Technology (WUN-SPIN07, York, UK 2007).

WUN- SPIN 2007, UK
7-10 August at St William's College, York, UK
WUN-SPIN 2007 was a successful conference to bring together experts from academic and industry to share most advanced ideas on the research areas of advanced data storage, microelectronics, automotive sensors, communication and quantum computing. There were 25 invited talks and 130 contributed talks/posters.
Prof. Yongbing Xu, conference co-chair and the coordinator of WUN Spintronics from York Spintronics Laboratory, said: "This conference offers the opportunity for international centres of excellence to exchange ideas and establish close collaborations in this exciting technology."

Co-chair Professor David D Awschalom, Director of the Centre for Spintronics and Quantum Computation at the University of California, added: "Students will have an extraordinary opportunity to learn about recent research developments, ranging from fundamental spin-dependent effects in semiconductors to the creation of new spintronic materials and devices. We hope that interactions amongst the participants will lead to innovative collaborations and further accelerate the field."

A useful summary from University of York:  www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/news/2007/spintronics/ and even the BBC:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6935638.stm