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The main research areas of the York-Nanjing Joint Centre are based on spintronics and nanotechnology. The development of spintronics is driven partially by scientific curiosity and partially by a great industrial potential. The research aims of the joint centre are not only to achieve the major breakthroughs in the challenging research areas, but also set up the strong links with the global industry for promising devices and applications in many popular regions, such as high density data storage, energy efficiency, microelectronics/nano-electronics, sensors, bio-medical, and material engineering.


More broadly, there are mainly 5 research areas:
Low carbon engineering & Energy efficiency
Microelectronics, Photonics & nano-electronics
Material engineering & applications
Nanofabrication & Nanocharacterisation
Biomedical Electronics

The joint centre shares the research/education resources of both universities with the aim to improve further the research/education quality and impact.